Dreamers —  


Fostering a space for small businesses to come together to dream, build, and  grow. All with the intention of creating a stronger, better, purposeful community.


Future dreamers, our intention is to build a community where individuals' dreams can come together and inspire one another. We hope that with the growth of this new community, new ideas can be fostered, and a perpetual cycle of dreams is sustained.  


The process behind building something from the ground up is something we highly value. We believe it educates individuals' about the significance of shaping their own future and putting their heart into what they value. We hope to inspire the community to do this in an efficient, ethical, and sustainable way through the mechanisms used at Field of Dreams. 


As the environment adjusts with each new obstacle the seasons bring, we aspire to educate the community on how to grow in a similar way. Treating each new obstacle in life with a positive outlook that promotes resilience, character building, and personal growth. 

"If you build it they will come"

- Kevin Costner 

Builders — 


Clint Luke has grown up with an extensive background in farming, building, and sustainability. Working with his hands from the young age of 5 in order to make money to buy petrol for his motorbike; Clint has a passion and natural talent for creating, fixing, and inventing new systems and efficient ways of working and living.

Clint has strong family roots that have influenced his lifestyle and solid values. His interests while growing up were motorbikes, animals, furniture making, machinery, antiques and industrial art; all of which have come together in his unique space, 'Field of Dreams'.

From a young age, Clints education was impacted by an eye tracking problem causing his interest to be more inclined towards hands-on activities and lead to the belief that education shouldn't be limited to what is taught in schools. It also fuelled his desire to help kids with disadvantages, and teach them to be more resilient. 

Clint believes that it is important for society to learn practical life skills from one another while maintaining individuality and freedom. This has influenced his grass roots approach to common sense and sustainable living. From this belief, Field of Dreams has grown into a unique space for like-minded businesses to come together, share ideas; and dream, build and grow.

Balanced Earth Constructions

Environmentally Friendly Hemp Solutions

Uncle Project

Helping boys become men.

Kidz Klub
Partnerships in the Works 

Fun and Engaging Workshops for Kids

Future Endeavors

Currently building promising relationships with Cawi, Holgan's Bluff, CKPoM​, and more.

Field of Dreams wishes to collaborate with small businesses in line with our values, that benefit the community. These businesses include (but are not limited to) animal welfare, youth programs, and sustaining our natural environment.


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